Why OPC Fix

What we do is not ONLY dispute the bureaus, we also customize letters to the companies that put the information in your credit report to begin with, and we do not limit our service to a certain number of disputes. The number of letters we send is unlimited. No matter how many companies there are on your reports, we hold them accountable to the letter of the law using ALL the existing current consumer laws.

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We use ALL the laws on the books to fight for your rights!

Our competitors ONLY use the fair credit reporting (FCRA) and send out no more than three letters only to the credit bureaus every 30 – 60 days, if you are lucky, they might dispute a couple collection agencies.

  • Customizable Programs OPC FIX offers the most customizable credit repair programs available. Becoming a client ensures that you'll receive affordable, premier credit report repair and customer service. We proudly offer two program choices to address your particular credit needs - the Essentials and Essentials Plus. Both allow you access to our powerful online Dispute Manager that enables you to direct your Case Advisor the exact way you want different aspects of your case handled.
  • Easy & Affordable Services Even with industry-leading customer service and the latest cutting-edge technology, we remain one of the lowest priced programs available.
  • One-on-One Customer Service When you become a client of OPC FIX, we assign an individual Case Advisor to you. Throughout your relationship with OPC FIX, you'll work directly one-on-one with your Case Advisor to resolve the issues you have with your credit reports. Every Case Advisor is certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act by the Consumer Data Industry Association, which is the trade association for the credit reporting agencies.
  • Same Day Service OPC FIX created same day service in our industry with our Fast Track service. Our Fast Track service ensures that our client gets priority same day service throughout the disputing process. We'll organize and set up your case the same day you sign up, and we'll expedite your case while still maintaining accurate, secure data entry and outstanding customer service.
  • No-Risk Refund Policy At OPC FIX, we proudly offer a 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee. Just like our service, our Refund Policy is effective from day one. We can guarantee that you will get our best efforts all the time, every time. We would not expect you to pay for anything less.
  • No-hassle Cancellation Policy As a valued OPC FIX client, you have the right to extend or cancel our services at any time. We are committed to providing quality service all the time, which is why we believe you have the right to determine how and when you would like to utilize our resources without being bound by any lengthy contracts or agreements.
  • Unlimited Personalized Disputes Our programs provide clients unlimited personalized disputing to both the credit bureaus and the creditors. We'll write customized dispute letters and send them to each major credit bureau. In some cases, we will process your disputes through our innovative electronic system that can yield results in as little as two weeks.
  • Dispute Personal Information (Identity Optimization)OPC FIX has created an innovative service that is customized to assist you in protecting your personal information. Our Identity Optimization service addresses the need for today's consumer to take proactive steps in order to minimize damages and reduce, or even eliminate, the chances of being victimized by identity fraud.
  • Dispute Inquiries (Identity Optimization) Inquiries on a credit report can result in a decrease of 2-5 points per inquiry on your credit score. With Identity Optimization, we'll work with you to dispute questionable inquiries that may be impacting your credit score.
  • Custom Goodwill and Validation Letters (Essentials Plus) We will send out an unlimited number of dispute letters to your creditors as well as the credit bureaus. There are two types of creditor letters, Goodwill letters and Validation letters. Goodwill letters are letters that go out to creditors who have reported late payments of up to 120 days. Validation letters are letters that go out to creditors who have reported accounts being over 150 days past due. If the information is proven invalid by a creditor we will use that information to remove the item from your credit report.
  • Free Credit Consultation With every consultation, our specially trained Case Analysts will review your reports with you and answer any questions you may have about your credit, our process, and if our services are right for you. We’ll also assist you with ordering current credit reports if you do not already have a copy.